This information determines where to begin your trip with Bedouin Adventures

Please read this carefully and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

We will meet you in Wadi Rum Village, in the entrance of the village. There is parking at the Rest house, you park there and we will pick you up!  From there we will drive you to our office in the village. 

The Wadi Rum Village is located « 6 km » past the Wadi Rum Visitor Center and it’s the only village, so it’s very easy to find!

If you need help to find the meeting point, please don’t hesitate to contact us at:  00962 (0) 795 127 025 You can call/ text/ or WhatsApp text..

  • When you arrive in Wadi Rum Visitor Centre, just go directly to the reception office and ask them to contact us.
  • If you’ve arrived in Wadi Rum Village, just ask anyone there, we are known by everybody there. 
  • Usually one of us will be waiting you at the meeting point on time!  
  • We’ll drive you to our office in Rum Village.
  • We’ll greet you with our Bedouin tea/coffee.
  • We will explain to you all the details about the tour.
  • We will be very happy to answer any questions and be happy to host your entire request.

If you come by rental Car, you can park it safely in our private parking next to our office in Wadi Rum Village.

From Petra, Wadi Rum is 120km south, about a 1.5 hour drive. 

TAXI: Taxi cost 45 JD per TAXI, we are able to arrange for your taxi, just mention it in your email. 

BUS: The bus cost is 7 JD per person and leaves Petra at 6:15 am. You have to book it the night before through your hotel reception.

Rental Car: If you’re driving yourself, it’s very easy to find the way! If you need help, please contact me via WhatsApp to direct you to our location in Wadi Rum Village.


From Wadi Rum Aqaba/Crossing border/South Beach: 70km/1 hour driving 

We can arrange a Taxi for you, the cost is  25 JD per TAXI.


From Wadi Rum To Petra:

  • Bus :There is only one bus and it leaves Wadi Rum at 8:30 am. The cost is 7 JD. We can book your seat on the bus and the bus will pick you up in the morning from our office in the Village.
  • Taxi : We can arrange a Taxi for you. The cost is 45 JD per TAXI.


Wadi Rum to Amman / Airport:

We can arrange a Taxi for you at 100 JD per Taxi. It’s 350 Kms, 4 hours drive.


We are able to arrange a Taxi or  Bus from Wadi Rum to anywhere in Jordan at the end of your trip. Contact us for more information. 


Ask Us, We’re 24/7 available to answer your queries

"This information is necessary to know for: What to bring on your trip, what each trip includes, special discounts available to groups and more.."



The difficulty changes depending on which trip you choose, but for the most part, trips are accessible for everyone regardless of experience or physical capability. While walking and scrambling, we use a variety of mule paths, tracks, or sand roads. Our guides are very experienced to lead the tours depending on the clients request!

We are very experienced hosting people of any age and/or physical abilities!

Food: Hospitality is very important to the Bedouin culture. It is our aim to cook for you and you will have the chance to try traditional Bedouin dishes such as « Zarb ». We provide Buffet of different choices of Arabic rice and soup & salads. 
A vegetarian diet is available upon request – please contact us if you have any special dietary requirements and we will do our best to meet your needs. 
During your stay with us, we will provide all the Meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Drinks: Bedouin tea, coffee and drinking water are all provided regularly on every trip.

  • Good shoes for scrambling (boots are preferable) and if possible sandals, which will be more comfortable for walking in the sand.
  • Headlamp: You will need it for the night time.
  • Sun cream: To protect yourself from the sun. 
  • Small Bag back:  To carry your camera and water.

For individual travelers we accept Cash Payments only when you visit us in Wadi Rum. 

Please Note: There are no banks or Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) in Wadi Rum.  Please be prepared for this before your visit to Wadi Rum by withdrawing money before your trip.

For large groups and Travel Agencies, we accept payment in cash and also through deposit to our bank account. Contact us for details.

There is a 10-20% discount available to large groups and Travel Agencies depending on the season. 

High season for Jordan is March, April, May, September, October, and November. During these months a 10% discount is available for large groups and Travel Agencies.

Low season in Jordan is January, February, June, July, August, and December. During these months a 20% discount is available to large groups and Travel Agencies.

Lets Make Your Trip Mesmerizing

Bedouin Adventures provides exciting experience of enjoying the magnificent beauty of WADI Rum. We are 24/7 available to provide with our courteous assistance. Feel free to reach us with your query. 


We have a Bedouin life style camp, located within the Protected area of the breathtaking Wadi Rum Desert.


Feel free to reach us for your concern, we’re always happy to assist you. 

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