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Taking You To a Real Sense of Desert & the Real Bedouin Life

We are a very strong and proud family business of real Bedouin who have lived in Wadi Rum for generations. The business is run by three brothers: Ahmed, Salem, Mohammad; and our father Oqlah. 

We come from the Al Zalabeyh Tribe who live exclusively in the Wadi Rum desert, and are the official caretakers of Wadi Rum.


Hospitality or diyafa is the highest Bedouin virtue. Bedouin's hospitality is considered in their gesture of serving their guest a rich meal, even if it meant that they had to slaughter their last sheep. 


It is our aim to preserve the Bedouin traditions by passing on our knowledge and experiences through allowing our visitors to discover the real Bedouin life in Wadi Rum.

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We have a variety of all-inclusive tours that last anywhere from two hours trekking to overnight camping excursions to week long treks through the stunning landscape.

Moreover, we strives to serve our clients at its best. Here are our salient features that makes us you best choice in Wadi Rum: 

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How it Started...?

Fourteen years ago I set up this camp in this location for many reasons, these being:

  • I grew up here, my family and I lived in a Bedouin tent for several years and I know every corner and have climbed the very rock next to the camp many times!
  • Its beautiful location allows for truly spectacular views especially for you watch the sunrise and sunset across the wide desert valley. This I promise you!
  • It is located close to many famous sites; T.E.Lawrence’s House, Um Frouth Rock Bridge, Lawrences Spring, Al Mahama Canyon and Mushroom Rock. All easily accessible on foot leading onto Jebel Burdah and the famous Arch.
  • Finally the camps geographical location, nestled against the mountain with others further away, protects it against the seasonal wind and rain storms, making it incredibly comfortable and cosy.

We have designed our camp, to explain our Bedouin way of life, to let you get the very best experience of what it is to be a Bedouin and allow you to meet many of us who have spent all of our lives growing up and living here.

After dinner we will sit around the fire and share with you our Bedouin culture, our tribal ways, how we marry, how the law of the land works, generally informing you of our traditional daily routine and overall way of life. On special evenings we prepare small Bedouin parties for you our guests, playing traditional Bedouin songs with lots of dancing and singing.

The campsite is small, peaceful, authentic and comfortable, allowing you to relax and experience the tranquility of the desert. You will have the opportunity to wander through the surrounding area, taking beautiful photos and gazing up at the stars in the night’s sky, with no artificial light or pollution to distract your grand view.

Lets Make Your Trip Mesmerizing

Bedouin Adventures provides exciting experience of enjoying the magnificent beauty of WADI Rum. We are 24/7 available to provide with our courteous assistance. Feel free to reach us with your query. 


We have a Bedouin life style camp, located within the Protected area of the breathtaking Wadi Rum Desert.


Feel free to reach us for your concern, we’re always happy to assist you. 

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