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We Have Designed Our Camp

  • To explain our Bedouin way of life,
  • To let you get the very best experience of what it is to be a Bedouin
  • To let you meet many of us who have spent all of our lives growing up and living here

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Our Salient Features

Our camp is in a unique and beautiful location, wonderfully secluded and out of view from any other campsites.

Solar Panels

We have installed solar panels to supply electricity to the camp.

Friendly Tour Guides

Our guides are fun, friendly, and the best available in Wadi Rum.

Top Reviewed

We are trustfully acknowledged by a wide number of tourists all around the world.

About Our Camp​

Our Camp is Divided into Four Parts:

The dining / fireplace: We have had built a large tent able to hold up to 35 people very easily. It has been built with windows covering every side to allow you to see the great views of Wadi Rum

Sleeping Tents: We provide private tents with all of the sleeping equipment. These tents are available in all sizes, such as Single Tents (1 bed), Twin Tents (2 beds), Double tents (King-size bed), Treble tents (3 beds), Family tents (4 beds), and Large Family tent (5-7 beds).

Showers & Toilets: We provide modern bathroom facility consisting of showers, toilets and sinks separated for men (3 showers & 3 toilets) and woman (3 showers & 3 toilets)

Kitchen & Eating place: We have nice size kitchen where traditional Bedouin food is prepared and cooked for you. We are proud to boast that it is the best in the Wadi Rum. Our eating area is a large open Bedouin tent with fixed stone tables and benches designed for perfect social interaction with your friends or other guests you may meet during your stay.



Lets Make Your Trip Mesmerizing

Bedouin Adventures provides exciting experience of enjoying the magnificent beauty of WADI Rum. We are 24/7 available to provide with our courteous assistance. Feel free to reach us with your query. 


We have a Bedouin life style camp, located within the Protected area of the breathtaking Wadi Rum Desert.


Feel free to reach us for your concern, we’re always happy to assist you. 

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