Bedouin Adventures Camp

Our Bedouin camp is located in the heart of the Wadi Rum Protected Area, 13km from the Wadi Rum Village. Our camp is in a unique and beautiful location, wonderfully secluded and out of view from any other campsites. At night you will never witness another light source (apart from our own) which will allow you to feel the natural beauty and stillness of the desert in its full glory. Walk just a few feet from our camp and you will see a dazzling number of stars in every direction. Be patient and you may be lucky enough to see a shooting star passing over head!

Fourteen years ago I set up this camp in this location for many reasons, these being:

  • I grew up here, my family and I lived in a Bedouin tent for several years and I know every corner and have climbed the very rock next to the camp many times!
  • Its beautiful location allows for truly spectacular views especially for you watch the sunrise and sunset across the wide desert valley. This I promise you!
  • It is located close to many famous sites; T.E.Lawrence’s House, Um Frouth Rock Bridge, Lawrences Spring, Al Mahama Canyon and Mushroom Rock. All easily accessible on foot leading onto Jebel Burdah and the famous Arch.
  • Finally the camps geographical location, nestled against the mountain with others further away, protects it against the seasonal wind and rain storms, making it incredibly comfortable and cosy.

We have designed our camp, to explain our Bedouin way of life, to let you get the very best experience of what it is to be a Bedouin and allow you to meet many of us who have spent all of our lives growing up and living here.

After dinner we will sit around the fire and share with you our Bedouin culture, our tribal ways, how we marry, how the law of the land works, generally informing you of our traditional daily routine and overall way of life. On special evenings we prepare small Bedouin parties for you our guests, playing traditional Bedouin songs with lots of dancing and singing.

The campsite is small, peaceful, authentic and comfortable, allowing you to relax and experience the tranquility of the desert. You will have the opportunity to wander through the surrounding area, taking beautiful photos and gazing up at the stars in the night’s sky, with no artificial light or pollution to distract your grand view.

Solar Power
I am against using generators in the desert, they are noisy, and it destroys the silence of the area. We have instead installed solar panels to supply electricity to the camp providing power for lights and plug sockets for you to recharge your phones and cameras.

The camp is divided into four parts:

The dining / fireplace
We have had built a large tent able to hold up to 35 people very easily. It has been built with windows covering every side to allow you to see the great views of Wadi Rum and at dusk we light the central fire pit for you to warm yourselves against whilst you are drinking your sweet Bedouin tea.

Sleeping Tents
All of our tents are furnished with beds prepared with all of the sleeping equipment you will need; mattresses, sheets, pillows and blankets.
When you have booked with us you will have your very own private tent. These are the tent sizes we have available:

Single Tents (1 bed).
Twin Tents (2 beds).
Double tents (King-size bed).
Treble tents (3 beds).
Family tents (4 beds).
Large Family tent (5-7 beds).

Sleep under the millions of stars
People who would like to sleep outside under the stars are welcome to ask the guides in the camp who will help you take your mattress and blanket and sleep outside in the camping area. This is particularly nice to do in the summer months. Our guides will help to show you a good spot to sleep under all of the stars to experience the night sky spread out above you.

Showers & toilets
We have just finished building a modern bathroom facility consisting of showers, toilets and sinks separated for men and woman:
Men have three showers and three toilets.
Women have five showers and five toilets.

Kitchen & Eating place
We have nice size kitchen where traditional Bedouin food is prepared and cooked for you. We are proud to boast that it is the best in the Wadi Rum.
Our eating area is a large open Bedouin tent with fixed stone tables and benches designed for perfect social interaction with your friends or other guests you may meet during your stay.