About Us

We are a very strong and proud family business of real Bedouin who have lived in Wadi Rum for generations. The business is run by three brothers: Ahmed, Salem, Mohammad; and our father Oqlah. We come from the Al Zalabeyh Tribe who live exclusively in the Wadi Rum desert, and are the official caretakers of Wadi Rum.

Hospitality or diyafa is the highest Bedouin virtue.  According to Bedouin traditions any person can approach a Bedouin tent, be it a stranger or even an enemy, and they will be assured three days lodging, and protection, and the owner’s word that they will be able to leave in peace.  Generally, when a guest arrives at a tent, a rug is immediately spread and the owner of the tent will serve the guest sweet tea in a small glass.  While this is happening the host will be preparing the coffee.  Once the coffee making process is complete, the guest will then be served a small glass of coffee.  The host will then serve their guest a rich meal, even if it meant that they had to slaughter their last sheep, or borrow one form one of their neighbors to do it.  The Bedouin are bound by honour above all else, as well as their lavish generosity.

In our family business we like to offer the visitor something different from the other tours available in Wadi Rum.  We have a variety of all-inclusive tours that last anywhere from two hours trekking to overnight camping excursions to week long treks through the stunning landscape.  It is our goal to give our visitors a real sense of the desert and the real Bedouin way of life.

Welcome to Wadi Rum and Bedouin Adventures!

Today we pass on our Bedouin traditions to visitors from all around the world.  We are happy to involve all visitors in the Bedouin way of life.  We will gladly show guests our home land by either car, camel or by foot.  It is our aim now to preserve the Bedouin traditions by passing on our knowledge and experiences through allowing our visitors to discover the real Bedouin life in Wadi Rum.